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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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released the video of mikasha mckenna who was tased while in their custody and later died. >> the department has received a lot of criticism over the handling of mckenna. peggy fox has been covering the story since the start. why are they releasing the video right now? >> we've asked to see the video and so have community activists. sheriff casey kincaid said what happened has been misreported and defends her staff and the emergency response team. kincaid said she's releasing the video because there's no better way to show what actually happened. the whole video is 40 minutes long. it takes 16 minutes to get to the tasing and a lot of struggling up to that point. i want to warn you, we've cut a lot out, but it is still very disturbing to watch. five people in biohazard suits begin the cell extraction of inmate natosha mckenna, a 37- year-old woman with
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schizophrenia and bipolar disease. she comes from the cell apparently naked and scared. >> you're going to kill me. i didn't do anything. >> deputies yell at mckenna to stop resisting as they try to handcuff her. she fights back over and over. >> ms. mckenna, listen to me. we're going to take you. relax and let me put these handcuffs on you and let's go. okay? do you understand what i'm elf is iting you? >> yes. >> reporter: the -- what i'm telling you? >> yes. >> the team cannot convince her to stop struggling. >> my belly hurts. >> a spit mask to cover her face is ordered. >> cooperate. we are your friend. >> none of it works. 10 minutes in the team threatens to use a taser. >> if you continue to resist, we're going to use a taser on you. do you understand what that means? >> she does not answer this time, just groans and fights back. >> this is not going to work. get the straight chair. >> finally they pick her up grabbing her by her hair and body and force her into a restraint chair.
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it doesn't work, so the tasing begins. >> right to the back of the chair. stop kicking your feet. >> don't kick, trust me. don't kick. it's for your own good, okay? pgh let us put you in the chair -- okay? let us put you in the chair please. >> taser, get it? >> that was the first one. more kicking led to another. >> three, two, one, all right, go. there you go. >> the team tased her four times, two darts to her legs and twice in her upper arms. she finally stopped fighting. a nurse came to check her violations and said she was -- her vital signs and said she was fine. she was wheeled out to a transport wheel and was checked again. there was no pulse. three minutes later the deputies started cpr. she was taken to a hospital where she died. sheriff casey kincaid said she has an important reason to release this video. >> it's my responsibility to insure as your sheriff that something like this never happens again. >> the sheriff kincaid called
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the jail the default housing for those suffering from mental illness. she and others are pushing for a jail diversion program that would get people suffering from mental illness help instead of putting them in jail. bruce? >> okay, peggy, thanks a lot, as you say very difficult to watch that. two days ago the commonwealth attorney released his investigation on mckenna's death and found it to be a tragic accident. he said no deputies did anything wrong. the father of slain wdbj reporter alison parker made his first visit to capitol hill this afternoon. andy parker was among hundreds of demonstrators calling on congress to enact tougher gun laws. andrea mccarren spoke to him one on one and she joins us now live. andrea, what did he say to you? >> reporter: well, lesli, alison parker called her father the coolest dad in the world and now he is determined to make expanded background checks part of alison's legacy. >> if i weren't doing this,
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she'd be really ticked off at me because she wanted the story. she wanted the story told. she was a journalist first and foremost of. >> reporter: andy parker is broken hearted but filled with resolve and he's ready to take on the gun lobby. >> we can. we must and we will. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: parker believes the shocking murders of his daughter alison and photojournalist adam ward on live television was a tipping point in the gun control debate. >> she packed in so much in 24 years and it was all perfection. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: some key virginia politicians are on his side. >> i am sick and tired of gutless politicians who are scared of the nra. [ cheering and applause ] >> more gun owners support background checks than the rest of the population. >> not one more! not one more! >> reporter: the rally brought together mother despondent that daily lockdown drills are now part of their children's school day. >> i am so angry.
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i am so angry that congress cares more about gums than they do our children. >> it's going to be very difficult. >> reporter: for now one day at a time the man endearingly called the world's coolest father forges ahead. >> i move on because this is what she would be wanting me to do and thank you for saying that. that means a lot. >> reporter: andy parker, alison's father, also told us that last night his daughter's ashes came home. her family will be scattering them on north carolina's natahalia river, alison's favorite place. reporting live andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> thank you, andrea. every day in this country gun violence takes the lives of 88 88 people and injures hundreds of others. new developments for the officers charged in freddie gray's death in baltimore. the judge ruled today the trial
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for the six officers will remain in charm city. their attorneys argued that intense media coverage of this week's multimillion dollar settlement for the gray family created an atmosphere in which the jurors would be biased, but the judge rejected that claim saying the lawyers failed to prove that the officers cannot get a fair trial in baltimore. >> i'm confident that the judge has made the right decision. it will allow the city to focus on healing. i'm focused on healing the city as well as be prepared for the trial as it comes up. >> the officers' trials are scheduled to begin in october. the judge is leaving open the possibility of moving them out of charm city if the impartial jurors cannot be seated. disturbing allegations at an in-home daycare in sterling, virginia. >> 52-year-old juan alejandro rodriguez has been charged with sexual assault of a child less than 13 years old. surae chinn is live in sterling with more on just a disturbing story. >> reporter: it is, lesli and
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bruce. i am told that the suspect's sister-in-law is the one who runs the daycare. it is still operating inside the townhome. child protective services has not shut it down, but they are still investigating. do you have any comment? >> get out. we don't want to talk. do you not understand? >> reporter: no one at the home daycare at 3 carousel court in sterling wanted to talk about the situation. >> you step off our property right now of. >> reporter: i understand. the loudoun county sheriff's office said the victim reported to police immediately after the alleged incident on august 27th. the next day 52-year-old juan alejandro rodriguez was charged with sexual assault and forcible sodomy. neighbors are stunned. >> i'm very shocked because i didn't know something like that was happening right next-door. >> and really scary because i have four girls in my house.
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now i'm -- this is a big surprise of. >> reporter: authorities are not giving the age to protect the identity of the child, but the victim is under 13 years old. what are the ages of the kids? >> i can say from babies, from like maybe 6 months till like 9 years old. >> reporter: how old would you say these kids are? >> 4, 3, 1. >> reporter: the unlicensed daycare had no prior history or complaints. licensing or registration are not required as long as the daycare is operating with fewer than six children. >> a lot of kids. i can say maybe more than 10. >> reporter: a lot of kids? >> yes. i see people coming every day. >> i don't know if he did it or not. if he did it, it's very sad that someone could do something like that. >> reporter: e daycare has been operating since 2000. rodriguez has been living there ever since, but he was not a
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caretaker. the loudoun county sheriff's department is concerned about more victims and so they are having to look through the last 15 years in daycare has been operating. in sterling surae chinn, wusa9. >> surae, thank you. and rodriguez is being held without bond. his first court appearance is october 1st. police now say the death of a baby boy in alexandria does not appear to be suspicious. they were called to the bragg towers extended stay hotel last week. a baby boy was rushed to the hospital on september 2nd, but doctors could not save him. the initial autopsy report did not raise he suspicions, but they are still investigating -- raise suspicions, but they are still investigating. prince george's county police have made an arrest in connection with the murder of a young mother in oxon hill, maryland. 26-year-old maurice wigfall jr. is charged in the death of 21-
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year-old latiqwu cherry. her body was found in her burned out apartment. the medical examiner ruled cherry died from trauma to her body prior to the fire which was deliberately set in. addition to first degree murder, wigfall is charged with arson. police sai clear was his ex- girl friend. -- say cherry was his ex-girl friend. she leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter. the test for thousands of backlogged rape kits, vice president joe biden and loretta lynch discussed the forgotten 70,000 sexual assault kits nationwide and pledged $79 million together to get that project started. we'll have more on the impact of today's announcement coming up at 6:00. rewe at jusgetting started on wusa9 news at 5:00 and still ahead at 5:30. >> also ahead donald trump dealing with more backlash for a comment he made about another candidate.
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>> reporter: in a couple weeks the pope will be here in d.c. i'll ellison barber. i'll tell you what to expect when he gets to town.
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well, in case you haven't heard, the pope is coming to town and traffic and security, a lot of preparation to be done. >> how could you not know? we talk about it all the time. today we got a glimpse into the big plan to deal with it all and ellison barber is in northwest to tell us all about it. hey, ellison. >> reporter: hey, well, lesli, they say the mayor says that they are really well prepared for this event in terms of security. everything, they've covered it all. officials say when you're thinking of this event and how you should prepare, you should think of this a lot like you would a presidential
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inauguration. >> we are extremely excited. >> reporter: in 12 days pope francis will step off of a plane at andrews air force base and make his first u.s. visit. he'll make stops all over the city from the capitol to the white house to the basilica. wherever he goes security will be tight. >> no single federal, state or local agency can carry out the measures on its own to secure an event of this magnitude. >> the area where people can assemble to watch the parade will be a secure area. so there will be screening. >> reporter: and when people hear all of that, they start thinking about traffic. >> the traffic is going to be horrible. any little situation is blown out of proportion. >> they're going to be stopping traffic for any length of time or security and such, it's going to definitely create some problems. >> reporter: the department of transportation said you should plan on it. the road near where the pope is staying will be closed the entire time he's here. >> massachusetts avenue will be impacted for the three days of his visit, so particularly
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commuters that are moving from northwest d.c. and suburban maryland, they need to take special note of alternative routes. >> reporter: metro has already told riders to expect delays. some people we spoke to have already come up with ways to avoid it. >> telecommuting is an option, so if it's something that's available, i'll probably do it that day. >> reporter: for some no matter how bad traffic is, it will be worth it. >> it's only a couple days. i think it's really special he's actually going to be here. >> reporter: we expect to get more information on all of the road closures on monday. the one road, massachusetts avenue, is the only one with permanent closure. the rest will be daily temporary closures and they'll keep us updated on all that and again we'll get most of this information or more detailed information about all of the closures on monday. reporting live in northwest i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> you know, we're used to these big events this washington. i think we can handle it, ellison, thank you. after the pope wraps up his visit with president obama in
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the white house, he will get into the popemobile and parade around the ellipse. at 11 a.m. on wednesday, the 23rd, he's expected to start at 17th and e streets, make a left on constitution avenue and then head north on 15th street. this will be the best place for people without tickets to catch a glimpse of the pope and that area will open to the public at 4 a.m., but as you know, security will be incredibly tight. we have a complete list of the banned items and the locations of the security entrance points on our wusa9 app. we even have an entire section dedicated to the visit of pope francis here to the u.s. >> can't wait. donald trump is drawing criticism once again for comments he's made about one of his republican presidential rivals. in an article for rolling stone magazine trump said about carly fiorina, "would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that the face of our next president? " i can't believe he said these things. trump tried to clarify his
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remarks today. >> i'm talking about persona. pipe not talking about looks. >> i'm not going to -- i'm not talking about looks. >> i'm not going to spend any time thinking about that, but maybe i'm getting under his skin because i am climbing in the polls. >> trump leads his opponents at 32%. on the democratic side bernie sanders has taken a slight lead over hillary clinton in iowa, 41 to 40%. will he or won't he? tonight we might find out if vice president joe biden will enter the presidential race. he's scheduled to appear on the late show with stephen colbert today leading some to speculate that he may have a big announcement for us. see for yourself tonight 11:35 immediately following wusa9 news at 11:00. two days of heavy rain has led to severe flooding in japan. entire homes are being swept away in the floodwaters. the remnants of a tropical storm dumped up to 2 feet of rain in some areas. stranded people are being rescued from the rooftops and tops of their cars and as if
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the flooding wasn't enough, there are even land slides being reported, nearly 1 million people told to flee their homes. a massive water main break in california, a car hit a fire hydrant in the silver lake section of l.a. and the water shot up dozens of feet into the air. >> wow. >> this all happened around 3 a.m. utility crews were able to turn off the water when they arrived at the scene, but, you know, california has been so dry they can't afford to see any water go up in the air. >> no. and 3 a.m., you wonder why, what was happening there? >> what were you doing at that time? all right. we're looking at some showers. the good news nothing heavy i don't think the remainder of the night. bad news, you'll have a wet commute home for many of you before everything clears out. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, down to 78, relative humidity way up there at 74%, winds turned out of the north at 8. the frontal boundary is essentially just east of i-95. that's where the winds are north and northwest. first alert doppler over the last hour, this is the heavy
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activity that did produce flood warnings in anne arundel county, moved across the bay, hammered parts of the delmarva and easton and cambridge, but no warnings on those. back to the west we have some more showers. i think heavy activity slides south of us. lighter activity denoted there in green goes all the way up to paw paw and up into cumberland. so this is going to move off to the east, northeast on our storm tracker. so you could still see a shower in charlestown about 7:18 in, leesburg about 8:31 and maybe to frederick by 8:53. i think everything will be out of here by midnight. thunderstorms and showers until about midnight and then bus stop temperatures refreshing, 60s, in fact, low 60s. yacht the bus stop maybe in fred -- you at the bus stop in frederick actually might want a sweatshirt. a fab finish to the week and yes, we had to issue a yellow weather alert saturday for thunderstorms and for showers. we talked about this yesterday. i was going to the pessimistic
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side. i'm going to stay there. i think it's going to be a pretty wet day which will impact the 2nd half of the terps game. 10:00 tonight lighter showers manassas southward, a little bit of yellow south of fredericksburg, 60s and 70s. by 6 a.m. we're generally clear, 60 in frederick, 58 martinsburg and downtown looking at upper 60s, pretty refreshing. by 9:00 upper 60s, low 70s, full sun pretty much, by 1:00 low 80s, a perfect day to take lunch outside tomorrow. even by 6:00 we're still 83 downtown, 81 in hagerstown and martinsburg, so a very comfortably warm day. by tomorrow night at 9:00 temps already sneaking down into the 60s in frederick. if you're headed out tomorrow night, i would recommend a little wrap, a sweater, because temps will be in the 50s after midnight. so on the day planner 77 at 9:00 and 82 with full sun by 1 p.m. there's your yellow weather alert day on saturday 81, 75 on
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sunday, still some showers at fedex. if you're tailgating, temps will be in the 60s. next seven days then we go into a nice stretch of weather, murphy's law. 70s monday, tuesday, mid-80s by thursday and nats back in town. a museum and memorial dedicated to the lives lost on flight 183 is now open to the public.
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caught on camera some scary moments for a group of high school athletes in california, a school bus carrying three dozen high school water polo players burst into flames on interstate 5 in irvine, california, yesterday. nobody was injured. visitors in washington now examining the flight recorders from a jet that caught fire in las vegas. the british airways flight was speeding down a runway tuesday when one of its engines caught fire. the pilot aborted the takeoff and safety slides were deployed. the 170 passengers and crew escaped the boeing 777 without serious injury. in tonight's consumer alert
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stocks closed in positive territory at the end of the wall street bell. the dow rose 76 points, the nasdaq was up nearly 40 points. general motors is recalling 121,000 cadillac sedans because of a faulty defogger. the system in the 2013 to 2016 ats models can catch fire when it's turned on. gm says it knows of four fires related to the problem, but there were no injuries and no crashes. this was the fourth recall for this newer cadillac ats sedan. an air bag problem is why fiat chrysler is recalling more than 1.5 million ram 1500, 3500 pickup trucks. the short circuit on the driver's side air bag can cause the bag to suddenly inflate and this impacts all of the 2012 to 2014 models. the company says there have been two injuries related to the problem.
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and while the spotlight was shining on apple for its product lineup, amazon was quietly doing away with its much hyped fire phone. the company is killing off that device after introducing it last year. that smartphone got poor reviews and did not sell very well. >> i forgot about it, fire phone? >> exactly. coming up a first look at the new look of the virginia sons of the confederacy license plate. >> also ahead police in phoenix investigate three more possible freeway shootings just this morning. >> reporter: i'm danielle nottingham in ventura, california. coming up forecasters are even more certain el nino will return this winter with a vengeance. >> reporter: two hot button issues collide in montgomery county, property values versus children's health. i'm scott broom, coming up the latest on a proposed ban on latest on a proposed ban on lawn c ♪ it's ford suv season. now just sign & go. with zero down... zero due at signing...
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our yellow weather alert continues through the evening hours. >> chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking storms on first alert doppler. >> most of the heavy activity is across the bay into the delmarva, but the cold front still has a little shower activity to the west even though it's east of us. down 81 harrisonburg yellows and red moving essentially south and east. on the storm tracker individual cells around warrenton hitting around 8:01 and maybe sperryville at 6:38. we're not done with showers. we're done with anything particularly heavy. on the futurecast by 7:00 the heavy activity stays down south toward charlottesville and advance to 8:00 still down toward charlottesville and by 9:00 it's still moving south of fredericksburg. some lighter showers will make it up to culpeper and i-66, but they're shades of green which indicates light activity. so walking the dog tonight you might have a shower. by 10:00 most of the showers manassas south ward down 95, by
5:31 pm
11:00 most of the showers are gone. we'll come back and talk about the weekend and which day will be better. >> thanks, top. in montgomery county there is an issue that pits property value against the health of some kids with a lot of inconclusive science in between and passions are running high on both sides. >> we're talking about lawn chemicals and a sharp divide that's developed in the county council over a proposed ban that's being considered. scott broom is in germantown tonight with new developments. scott? >> reporter: well, that divide has developed as there been a strong move now to water down a proposed ban on lawn chemicals here in montgomery county and that has amped up emotions on this very divisive issue here in green suburbia. one family's beautiful lawn full of fell cals, a property value investment, americans spend $6.4 billion a year on, but for kids one whiff of exposure is an asthma attack waiting to happen.
5:32 pm
>> our community would spray right behind where this school area is. >> reporter: this mother says lawn chemicals ought to be banned here in montgomery county. >> why is someone's lawn more important than the health of people? especially our kids. >> you're exposing children and pets to health risks and it's not necessary. we don't need to do it. >> reporter: the county council president george leventhal said the time has come to force homeowners to stop using pesticides and herbicides like these and ban commercial applications, too, with exceptions for golf courses and agriculture. >> prohibiting the use of toxic chemicals to maintain a green lawn is consistent with other efforts we've made in the past including banning smoking in public places. >> reporter: but opponents fear a future of possibility county lawns like the one behind the county council building itself, lot of weeds and the grass that is growing is a crispy shade of brown instead of the real estate ready green a few blocks away and now council member roger
5:33 pm
berliner is stepping forward and inviting the council with a proposal to back away from a badge. >> so in my alternative approach, if a lawn care company comes to you and wants you to use pesticides, i want you to sign a form that you understand the risks associated with pesticides, that you understand there are organic alternatives, that you've directed your company to use the least amount of pesticides. so educate people first before thinking of a ban. >> reporter: on the science on this, all you have to do is read the labels on some of these lawn chemicals to know that they're absolutely toxic, but the national cancer institute did send a letter to the county council saying a definitive link between the application of lawn chemicals on lawns and cancer is by no means certain. that makes the health versus property value issue here not so clear cut, unlike the smoking debate and it makes this debate a very tough one as the county council moves forward. reporting live in montgomery county scott broom, wusa9.
5:34 pm
>> to be continued. scott, thanks a lot for that report. the council takes up debate on this issue early next month. to prince george's county now and some potential good news for workers there, legislators are introducing a bill that would permit more than 130,000 employees to earn paid sick leave. now some of the impacted workers gathered in upper marlboro today to urge the county council to pass that bill. >> it is simply unacceptable and unexcusable in 2015 that any woman has to choose between their job and their sick child, their job and their ill parent or their job and their own well being and so what i want you to understand that i'm passionate about this legislation. >> the legislation would allow prince george's county residents to earn up to seven days of paid sick leave a year. it is the law of the land in montgomery county already and on labor day president obama ordered all federal contractors to provide paid sick leave to
5:35 pm
their workers. the new sons of confederate veterans licenses are going out to drivers in virginia. they will replace the old ones which featured an image of the confederate flag. governor terry mcauliffe ordered the confederate flag off the old dominion plates following the killing of nine african americans at a church in charleston, south carolina. a dmv spokesperson says drivers should get those new plates by october 3rd. the new $26 million visitor center opened to the public today in shanksville, pennsylvania. a dedication ceremony was held this morning for the memorial and museum to honor the victims of united airlines flight 93. video, artifacts and photos tell the story of the brave people who wrestled with four hijackers for control of that airplane on 9/11. 44 people died in that crash including the hijackers. police are trying to determine whether a serial shooter targeted more vehicles in phoenix, arizona, today.
5:36 pm
investigators are examining an 18 wheeler that was damaged. it is the latest possible target in a string of shootings that has phoenix on edge and drivers searching for alternative routes. the gunfire is centered around interstate 10, a main thoroughfare through town. fortunately there have been in injuries in the shootings over the past 12 days. brian williams is preparing to return to television. the former nightly news anchor was suspended for six months for embellishing his involvement in reports from the field. williams will be featured as a breaking news anchor when he makes his debut on msnbc september 22nd. his return will coincide with the pope's arrival in the u.s. coming up a camera on top of the washington monument spots something in the sky all the way over west virginia. >> but up next the head of the nypd said he wants to
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
trending now what new york police are calling a case of mistaken identity. >> that's right. the nypd commissioner is apologizing to pro tennis player james blake after an
5:40 pm
officer threw him to the ground and handcuffed him. >> my apologies. >> shouldn't have happened. it's something we'll deal with the police. >> it is a remarkable likeness to mr. james blake. they look like twin. >> the nypd says a witness wrongly identified blake as a suspect in an ongoing fraud investigation. he was let go after a retired officer working security at the hotel told police that they had the wrong guy. the 35-year-old suffered cuts and a bruised leg. police commissioner bratton said he hopes to apologize to blake personally. >> he was on his way to the u.s. open to do some interviews at the time that this all happened. a famous rocker upset their songs are used for political purposes. >> r.e.m. is bashing donald trump for using their song it's the end of the world. trump played the song without permission on the steps of capitol hill opposing the iran nuclear deal and the front man had some not so nice things to say about the gop presidential candidate. the band is calling on all candidates to cease and desist
5:41 pm
basically don't use our music. a cease and desist order has also been sent to kim davis by the band survivor. their song eye of the tiger was used at a rally celebrating the kentucky clerk's release from jail recently. the band said they did not grant davis rights to use the song and they don't agree with her actions preventing same sex couples from getting marriage licenses. a rare sight this week high above the d.c. skyline. >> now you got to look closely at the video. the west facing camera on the top of the calm brief captured a bright meteor flashing through the sky. again you got to look top right side of your screen. there it is, pops up. nasa says the meteor was traveling west to east over west virginia at 9:27 tuesday night and it was seen in several nearby states. we have posted this video on our wusa9 app. so take a look. >> who knew they had cameras on
5:42 pm
top of the washington monument. they've got cameras everywhere. coming up forecasters say this winter's el nino is shaping up to be one of the strongest ever. we'll tell you what that means. >> i guess that means topper will be happy. >> but up next weather delays, the start of what was supposed to be
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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who doesn't like a county fair? it's that time in prince george's county. the prince george's county fair just got underway at rosecroft raceway in ft. washington. it includes rides, games and music along with a petting farm and pig races. organizers say the prince george's county fair is actually the oldest in the state of maryland. it traces its roots all the way back to 1842. thfair runs through 6 p.m. on sunday. >> but does it have fried oreos? >> i'm sure. the beginning of a big music festival in val virginia is being delayed. -- in central virginia is being delayed. organizers canceled tonight's first performances because of damage from last night's storm. the four-day event is now down to three. it will feature several big names including carlos santana, robert plant and mickey hart of the grateful dead. the festival is on an old
5:46 pm
tobacco farm in arrington, virginia, and features over 40 acts on three stages. >> what makes lock in so unique to me is the location. we are in a great place and i think that's the very first thing. >> the fact that you don't have to choose here at lock in. you don't have to choose what music you want to see. there's no overlapping music whatsoever. >> four former members of the grateful dead are scheduled to play at the festival this weekend individually. they're not anticipating a reunion gig. so manage your expectations if you're heading that way. >> okay. el nino is building steam in the pacific ocean and forecasters are predicting heavy rains this winter. >> but will it be enough to cure the drought in southern california? danielle nottingham has the latest on ventura. >> reporter: rising water temperatures in the pacific ocean are fueling one of the strongest el ninos ever. forecasters say it could finally bring some relief to people in drought stricken
5:47 pm
southern california. >> we have better odds of an increased number of storms over a winter season that can all add up to above normal precipitation. >> reporter: but forecasters caution california needs more than one winter of heavy rain to recover from four years of drought. el nino is characterized by an unusually warm band of ocean water that can change weather patterns across the u.s. and around the world. the above normal precipitation expected in southern california could stretch to florida and up the east coast. below average rainfall is expected in the northern rockies and around the great lakes. >> there's a long ways to go in this game, but each month that we get closer and closer and if we continue to see these temperatures rise in the pacific, then historically speaking, we'll get a much better idea of what this winter will do. >> reporter: and while the biggest impact of el nino will not be seen until the winter, forecasters are crediting it for reducing the number of hurricanes in the atlantic ocean this year.
5:48 pm
danielle nottingham, cbs news, ventura, california. >> forecasters say trade winds in the pacific ocean must shift if the kantele gnomeo is to become the strongest on -- if the current el nino is to become the strongest on record. >> here's the test. do you like el nino? >> no. >> then i'm loving el nino. >> remember was it '97, '98? we had .1-inch of snow. >> i was just dying. you're all over that. do you want more snow? >> no. >> thank you. you can stay. >> it can be feast or famine, but the odds are we'll get a famine. our 3-degree guarantee, how did we do? tune in tonight at 11:00. we are perfect so far for the month of sent. can we keep it going? look -- september. can we keep it going? let's start with a live look
5:49 pm
outside, our live, michael and son weather cam, 78 downtown, humidity 74%, wind north at 8. the front is just through us, in fact, the heavy activity is now well to east of us across the bay, but that said there's still some leftover showers essentially from winchester southward down toward i-81, mainly light, but once you get south of 66 down toward woodstock and strasburg it's a little yellow, so heavier activity on the legend. again nothing severe and crazy heavy. we aren't done with showers just yet. in fact, these are going to track off to the east and south, maybe even middleburg by the time we get to 8:00 in manassas, a little before 9:00 on the storm tracker. we'll say showers and/or storms till about midnight, mainly just showers in the metro. bus stop temperatures refreshing in the 60s and in some spots we're talking low 60s, a fab finish to the week and then a yellow weather alert saturday for more showers and more storms. we have talked about this yesterday and i think us becoming more and more likely we'll have a very unsettled saturday. the terps are in town. you may have lots of activities
5:50 pm
planned outside. it's going to be a little problem. 10:00 tonight light showers manassas southward, a fleck of yellow around fredericksburg and by morning 61 in gaithersburg, 62 in bowie, 58 in martinsburg. that's pretty nice. by midmorning we're still in the upper 60s to around 70, lunchtime fantastic day to take lunch outside, low 80s, low humidity, pure sun, wow. don't forget the shades. by 6 p.m. we're still 83 downtown, 82 in leesburg and frederick. so a beautiful evening tomorrow night, but it will cool off very quickly tomorrow night if you have a big plan to stay out late. day planner, 70s across the board but 82 with sunshine by 1:00. saturday there's your yellow weather alert day, showers and storms 81, much cooler with lingering showers sunday. yes, it could affect the game at fedex if you're tailgating only in the 60s and very nice monday, tuesday, wednesday, back in the low to mid-80s, near 85 next thursday.
5:51 pm
nats return to town. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> boy, speaking of the nats, the night the light went out on the nats, gang. mathematically washington i guess still has a chance. i guess i still have a chance to go to the moon. it's going to take a monumental collapse from the metropolitans. the last three days new york reached inside of washington's chest and essentially pulled its heart out, gang, seven game lead with 23 to play, not good odds i would say. whole sale change is sure to occur after this season of disappointment. one player has already been forced to leave the team possibly for good, but it's not because of anything he did wrong. holden kushner has an exclusive interview with nats center fielder denard span in tonight's inside pitch. >> reporter: denard span won't be playing in the nationals park outfield again this season. as a matter of fact, his career
5:52 pm
with the nationals is probably over. not only is his career with the nats over, he's headed to florida following hip surgery and after this week span probably won't see the team play again in person. >> just come in, do some treatment, watch the guys play today and just starting to pack up some stuff. i got to get ready to go home and get through my therapy. >> reporter: span told me off camera that because of his rehab he problem won't be able to attend playoff game -- probably won't be able to attend playoff games even if his teammates overcome long odds to make the postseason. manager matt williams explains why. >> given where he's at and the operation he's just had with all these guys and especially the september call-ups we have here, our staff is limited. so it's not necessarily him taking off. >> reporter: if span's career in d.c. is truly over, he will have fond memories. >> it's probably been the three best years of my career. you know, start off a little slow, but fans stuck with me. the fans have been by my side
5:53 pm
and they've helped. they just help support me throughout these last three years and just want to say thank you. >> reporter: during those three seasons span will go down as the team's best all around center fielder in teamhistory and i'd expect nats fans to miss him as much as he'll miss you. for wusa9 sports i'm holden kushner. >> he's a classy guy, but he sort of represents the disappointment of his team. been banged up all year long. >> it's a tough thing because washington wants the nationals to win. >> oh, absolutely. is he the only one to leave? might others follow him? >> no. wholesale. >> we'll talk more about that later. coming up new at 6:00 see how newly discovered remains from a human ancestor is raising some haunting questions about our identity. >> also ahead republican presidential candidates sound off on donald trump and there's also a major shift in poll numbers on the democratic side. >> reporter: whole neighborhoods have been scared by the heroin epidemic, but
5:54 pm
rutland, vermo
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
oh my gosh, it's the guy from last night. what?! can i jump on your wi-fi? yeah, you can try it. hey! i had a really good time last night. yeah, me too. the only thing is that... the only thing is what? what's the only thing? oh my gosh he's married. he's a kleptomaniac. he's a pyromaniac. he's a total maniac. hey! hey! go back to your wife you sociopath! leave slow internet behind. get the fastest wifi available for better streaming. the 100% fiber optics network is here.
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tea? get out of the past. get fios. the u.s. department of health and human services released its latest survey on substance abuse. it found 435,000 americans reported using heroin in 2014. this is an epidemic that has taken over entire families and neighborhoods. >> as kenneth craig reports this afternoon, the nation took notice when vermont's governor devoted last year's entire state of the state address to battling heroin. >> reporter: homes are being transformed into drug dens as the heroin epidemic makes its mark on the streets of rutland, vermont. police sergeant matt prowdy has seen the problem here building for at least a decade. >> people fighting in the street, someone got ripped off, all the things that come with a disfunctional neighborhood with a drug problem. >> reporter: this 44-year-old father of four is afraid to quit because of the symptoms of withdrawal. he's been using for 20 years.
5:58 pm
>> for people that are just starting out it's all about the high. the longer you're doing it and you've done it for a long period of time, it becomes a sickness. >> reporter: we met him at the vermont cares needle exchange where mary katherine charboneua often sees generations of the same family. what does that tell you? >> well, it's often the norm for them. my dad shoots, so i'm going to shoot. >> reporter: heroin use in vermont increased 66% last year. more than 400 are on waiting lists for detox. the streets of rutland have been especially vulnerable as addicts switch from prescription painkillers to cheaper heroin. now community leaders are teaming up with police to revitalize neighborhoods and get more people into treatment. >> every once in a while it works out and there's a success story. somebody gets help. >> reporter: police say their efforts have reduced crime by 17%, but they think the heroin
5:59 pm
crisis is likely to get worse before it gets better. kenneth craig, cbs news, rutland, vermont. >> 13 people have died from heroin overdoses in vermont thus far this year. we've got breaking news from montgomery county right now where police have issued an amber alert for a missing child. take a look at her, 15-month- old farrah eva mohammad was last seen at 8:00 this evening when police say she was taken by her father from her mother's home in montgomery village. 39-year-old jason kelley who may also go by the muslim name ishmael was last seen driving a white hyundai santa fe with temporary maryland tags. he's 6' 1 with light skin, bald and a beard. anyone with information is urged to call 911 immediately. a cold front is moving through the area tonight. it could bring some showers and thunderstorms to the area. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm bruce johnson. how will this affect tonight's commute?
6:00 pm
topper is tracking it with first alert doppler. >> we're in a little lull right now. we had heavier activity roll through this afternoon and this evening that is now across the bay. winchester southward down toward i-81 there are still showers. the good news is nothing is heading our way and nothing severe. on first alert doppler we have yellows and orangessen and even a little red -- oranges and yellow and even a little red. 7:00 tonight most of the showers heavy activity is south and it stays south in charlottesville and i agree with that, temps in the 70s. by 9:00 some showers develop by culpeper, almost to winchester. notice they're all green, so nothing crazy heavy. by 10:00 we're in the 60s already, manassas, 68 leesburg, still showers manassas south i- 66 down 95 toward fredericksburg and


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